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Lumbar Cushion - Wheelchair - Viscoelastic P951D

Back Support for Chair Anti-decubitus wheels in viscoelastic memory foam.

  • The SYST'AM® back support ensures better positioning for users in wheelchairs, consequently reducing falls and pressure in areas at high risk for ulcer formation.
  • Reduces lateral instability.
  • Side padding protects the axillary-dorsal area from direct contact with the chair structure, particularly when sitting for long periods of time.
  • Ergonomic, adapts to the lumbar area, improving the user's posture.
  • Different viscoelastic foams:
    • White Zone - more flexible foam for high-risk areas
    • Blue Zone - firmer foam for lower risk areas
  • Fits most wheelchair models.
Available in 3 models:
Small - (L) 44 x (W) 39 x (H) 9cm
Medium - (L) 49 x (W) 44 x (H) 9cm
Large - (L) 49 x (W) 50 x (H) 10 cm

        Exterior: POLYMAILLE® fabric.
        Interior: Foam density 80kg/m3


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