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Taylor Modular Back Lumbar Orthosis


  • Both the dorsal and lumbar areas are made from breathable honeycomb mesh fabric with a wavy interior.
  • The dorsal part consists of malleable aluminum plates with a pre-formed morphology, straps with elastic properties in soft padded fabric, for a better fit in the armpit area and at the same time to obtain greater comfort.
  • The sacrolumbar area consists of a band with an aluminum structure as well as upper transverse bars.
  • The straps have a stiffer inner edge to allow better adaptation in the dorsal area, allowing greater elasticity in the armpit area.


  • Through abdominal compression, a slight loss of pain can be achieved, producing a limitation in movement in the lumbar area in both the anteroposterior, lateral and rotational directions.
  • The dorsal component will produce a deskyphosing effect. The straps end up having a retropulsion effect on the shoulder area.


  • Incorrect kyphotic attitudes
  • Vertebral wedging
  • Back lumbar injuries
  • Infectious lesions affecting the dorsal column
  • Disc herniations
  • Postoperative
  • Osteoporosis
  • Vertebral fractures
  • Cases in which there is a need for correction of the kyphotic curve.
  • Some mild back pain such as T-8, T-12, associated with low back pain that requires temporary immobilization (such as the patient moving around, domestic or work efforts, etc.). In situations where there is a need for partial chest restraint during some of the activities that the patient may carry out during the day.

The Pendulum Abdomen Model is recommended for people who have a prominent abdomen (Ref: TC200A).

Reference: ORLIMAN TC201

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