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Anti-Bedsore Upper Limb Wedge P912L

Wedge for upper limbs in viscoelastic memory foam.

  • Positioning Wedge made of viscoelastic memory foam. which allows perfect adaptation to the upper limbs and, combined with the curved shape of the system, reduces the pressure exerted on areas at high risk for the formation of bedsores.
  • The anatomical shape imitates the natural shape of the arm, in order to guarantee greater comfort for the patient, as well as keeping the arm in a protected position.
  • Specially designed according to the recommendations of members' declining positions.
  • Symmetrical wedge: can be used on both the left and right side.
  • Includes a full protective cover.

      Exterior: POLYMAILLE® fabric.
      Interior: Foam density 80kg/m3

      P912L - Wedge with strap: (L)65 x (W) 37 x (H)16cm
      P915L - Wedge without strap: (L) 49 x (W)19 x (H)16cm


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