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Padded immobilization belt for bed – 180º

Mechanical or physical restraint is an exceptional therapeutic measure, aimed at immobilizing partial or most of the body in a patient who needs it, to guarantee the safety of the patient or the caregivers themselves. Its indication is only justified after the failure of other alternatives, as the principle of autonomy of the person is being taken away, by limiting the freedom of the subject, assuming a restriction of the fundamental rights of constitutional protection of patients.


  • The function is to prevent the patient from getting out of bed, but allowing them good mobility so that they do not feel immobilized: it allows them to lift their torso and move their legs freely, as well as turning to the right and left.
  • Trident-shaped clasp, consists of two parts (male and female).
  • Intended for users whose mental acuity is reduced and there is a high risk of escaping and/or falling.
  • For beds with mattresses up to 90cm wide.


  • Prevent harm to self or caregivers when other means (verbal or pharmacological) prove ineffective.
  • Preventing damage to your surroundings (family, users, caregivers, facilities...)
  • To ensure that prescribed treatment is followed, in cases associated with aggressive behavior or imminent threat.
  • Contingency of aggressive attitudes and risk behaviors - In elderly patients and in cases of mental illness.
  • Reduce medication to a minimum when observing agitated patients due to delirium or psychiatric disorders
  • Episodes of psychotic agitation in pregnant women
  • Prevent harm during urgent medication administration.
  • Prevent aggression or self-mutilation, when the patient does not respond to other therapies, in case of mental changes.

Sizes (waist circumference):

S (60-90cm), M (75-125cm), L (105-145cm).

Instructions for use:

  • Place the belt on the bed. Once the belt is on, position the user, close the belt around the waist, adjust without tightening and close with the plastic buckle closure.
  • One of the clasps closes the abdominal band over the patient's waist.
  • Once the abdominal band has been adjusted, pass the polypropylene straps under the platform and close with the zipper.

Reference: UBIO 401200/401202

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