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Elastic sock foot

High grip sock foot

The ideal assistant for all users of compression socks who want to put on their socks comfortably and without the help of others. The long handle guarantees optimal stability when putting on compression socks and tights.


  • For patients with and without mobility
  • For all sock lengths and styles
  • Also ideal as a support accessory for nursing teams
  • Stable, robust and extremely easy to use
  • For maximum safety when putting on socks
Technical specifications:
Width: 20.5cm
Depth: 17.5cm
Total height: 34.5cm
Diameter: 10cm
Weight: 800g

Reference: Identités 819175

Original price €36,00 - Original price €36,00
Original price
€36,00 - €36,00
Current price €36,00

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