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QuadTech Memory Foam Pillow with Abductor

Premium viscoelastic foam pillow 45Kg/m3 - with Abduction

The cushions from Geritex's new QuadTech range for wheelchairs, car seats and/or conventional chairs help you improve your sitting position, bringing postural stability.

Slow recovery foam, easy to mold and sensitive to body pressure and temperature. It adapts perfectly to the user's anatomy, maximizing the support surface and distributing pressure evenly.

  • Prevention of bedsores in the sacral area in people who remain sitting for a long time or are incapacitated;
  • Adjuvant element in the treatment of some types of pressure ulcers;
  • With four fixing points, to prevent the cushion from moving on the chair.

There are 2 models :
GT110034 - 100% polyester cover (3D)
GT110050 - 100% waterproof polyester cover

Memory foam density 45kg/
Maximum user weight 80kg
Dimensions 42 x 42 x 8cm
Pressure ulcer prevention level Average

Original price €54,90 - Original price €56,90
Original price
€54,90 - €56,90
Current price €54,90

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