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Hand-thumb immobilizing splint - Malleable aluminum

  • Manufactured with a malleable aluminum core to allow correct adaptation and positioning of the wrist, hand and fingers, including the thumb, as per medical prescription. 
  • Interior foam padding for greater comfort. 
  • Inner lining in absorbent terry fabric to prevent perspiration. Velvet outer lining. 
  • Fastening straps with great padding and micro-hook fastening, with an easy-to-open and close flap. 
  • Allows you to modify the position of the wrist, hand and fingers according to medical criteria.

Effects: by function, it achieves the immobilization and alignment of the wrist joint, hand and fingers, maintaining them with a slight flexion and abduction of the thumb, being able to vary the positioning angle.


  • Neurological lesions of central or peripheral origin (flaccid paralysis)
  • Treatment for the prevention of rheumatic deformities, as well as pain relief and reduction of inflammation. 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome. 

OM6101D: Right model
OM6101I: Left model

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    Original price
    €90,99 - €90,99
    Current price €90,99

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