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Pendent/Equine Foot Support - Variteks

This support from the Variteks ® brand is made up of two components, a strap that is placed just above the ankle and a brace to support the plantar arch, which in turn is joined to the strap using a traction elastic in the shape of a shoelace. .

The cuff can be used on open shoes, such as flip-flops or sandals.

The traction elastic can be attached to shoes with laces.


Raises the front part of the foot, allowing plantar flexion on the heel support when in a walking position.
Prevents the risk of tripping, especially in areas where there are carpets or uneven surfaces.


  • Flaccid paralysis or hanging foot, resulting from weakness muscles ( the foot is always tilted downwards).
  • Antiequine foot.

Size (ankle girth):

S/1: 15-20cm
M/2: 20-26cm
L/3: 26-33cm

Reference: Variteks 863

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