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Spinomed® - Orthosis for osteoporosis

by medi
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  • Multifunctional orthosis that guarantees you safe and effective mobility, while being simple and comfortable to use daily.
  • It actively contributes to strengthening the trunk muscles while relieving and correcting the posture of the spine in the sagittal plane.
  • Suitable for vertebral fractures, but also other indications that require relief and/or correction of the thoracic and lumbar spine, such as:
  • The innovative pivot joint separates the movement of the back splint from the hip strap allowing for a secure fit. This means excellent freedom of movement combined with great wearing comfort. Thus, Spinomed® allows the patient to enjoy daily life with greater mobility.
  • Shoulder strap system - now even better: The ergonomically pre-shaped shoulder straps allow the Spinomed® to be easily put on and taken off. This improved system activates postural correction as soon as Spinomed® is placed. And its cushioned material provides maximum comfort.
  • Padded back lining provides greater comfort in use and efficient sweat control.
  • With the structured configuration of the straps and the handles on both sides, putting them on is easy and effortless.
  • The aluminum splint can be removed to individually adjust to the curvature of the patient's back.
  • Spinomed® uses the principle of biofeedback to counteract this: with the resistance generated by the shoulder straps, the orthosis reminds the body to acquire the correct posture on its own.

It is common that after a fracture in the lumbar or thoracic spine, patients with osteoporosis have postural problems: the fracture can lead to a curvature of the back and the patient increasingly tends to lean forward.


  • Reduced pain and tendency to sway.1, 2
  • Improvement of vital capacity and quality of life.1, 2
  • Strengthening abdominal and back muscles.1, 2
  • Improvement of the respiratory system.1, 2


  • Juvenile Scheuermann's disease
  • Hyperkyphosis with chronic pain
  • Vertebral misalignments
  • Postural rehabilitation
  • Stable osteoporotic fracture
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscle weakness
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