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About Viscoelastic Mattress

Original price €149,00 - Original price €262,00
Original price
€149,00 - €262,00
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Single block mattress topper with viscoelastic core (density 50kg/m3) with memory effect.


  • Anatomical shape, providing good pressure distribution in risk areas.
  • Single block of viscoelastic foam with a density of 50 50kg/m3.
  • Placed over existing mattress to provide comfort and reduce pressure points in low to medium risk areas for bedsores and ulcers.
  • Covered with hypoallergenic aloe vera fabric or waterproof bielastic fabric.


  • 190 x 90 x 6cm
  • 200 x 160 x 6cm

We have any measurements available to order (delivery within 6 working days).

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