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Long Leg Diaper Protection Pajamas - UBIOTEX

O Long pajamas with zippers between legs and back are especially suitable for patients with incontinence and dementia.

Recommended for patients with dementia or Alzheimer's who suffer from urinary incontinence. Prevents the patient from accessing the diaper and handling it.

It has long sleeves and legs to wear as pajamas, with the zipper on the inside of the legs (from ankle to ankle) and the stroller covered by a fabric flap, so that the patient cannot open it and manipulate the diapers.

The caregiver can easily change diapers without removing pajamas.

The patient cannot remove it without help.

It is also recommended to protect the skin against scratches.

Available in Sizes M, L, XL

Constitution: 50% cotton; 50% polyester

Washing instructions:
- Maximum washing temperature 60 ° C.
- Supports average maximum temperature ironing, 150°C.
- Can be dry cleaned.
- Do not use bleach
Original price €52,90 - Original price €52,90
Original price €52,90
€45,00 - €52,90
Current price €52,90

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