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iD Ultra Mini Dressing

iD Light Ultra Mini are products specially developed for light urine leakage. For use inside underwear, the pad guarantees maximum discretion, given its anatomical shape. The anatomical shape perfectly adapts to the body, and the self-adhesive area ensures that the dressing stays in place.


  • Fast Absorption - the acquisition layer promotes the rapid passage of urine to a multi-layer absorbent core, reducing the feeling of dampness next to the skin.
  • Double anti-leak barrier - the double barrier designed especially to prevent urine leakage, allowing you to maintain an active life.
  • Anatomical shape - the shape designed considering the shape of women's underwear, guarantees maximum comfort.
  • Odor Control - the odor control system present in the absorption layer prevents the formation of ammonia and thus the development of bad odor.
  • Maximum flexibility - the integrated movement system provides maximum flexibility, adapting to even the most extreme movements.
  • 30% Thinner - 30% thinner than the previous product, but ensuring the same absorption.
  • Feminine Drawing
Absorption 110mL
Absorption Drops 1 drop
Absorption Level Light
Quantity Packaging 28
Dressing size 190mm x 75mm
Sex Feminine

Original price €2,10 - Original price €2,10
Original price
€2,10 - €2,10
Current price €2,10

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