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Anatomical Gel Insole


  • Anatomical gel insole with special reinforcement in the internal arch.
  • Includes lower density zones to relieve pressure in the metatarsal area and heel for greater comfort.
  • The lining has very good flexibility, which offers a lot of comfort.

The Silonite Dunia insole offers complete cushioning comfort due to its shape and design, offering absorption of anterior (metatarsal area) and posterior (heel area) impacts.

Composition: Medical grade polymer gel and lining with “Knitted fabric” type lycra, special anti-odor that keeps the foot dry.

How to use:
Cut and adapt to our measurements.
Apply to shoes when they are clean.
The lining must be placed on the upper part in contact with our foot, leaving the gel in contact with the sole of the shoe.
If it bothers you, remove the original insoles from your shoes.

Sold as a pair.

Original price €16,50 - Original price €16,50
Original price
€16,50 - €16,50
Current price €16,50

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