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Posture Corrector


  • Two bands made of padded and breathable elastic fabric that allow a perfect adaptation to the torso.
  • The orthosis offers adequate control of the thoracic area and shoulder girdle, thanks to its surrounding circular design.
  • Very comfortable to use, thanks to the cotton interior lining.
  • It has two crossed back straps that, when pulled, help maintain a correct posture when standing and sitting.


  • Shoulder retropulsion
  • Reduction of the dorsal kyphotic curve
  • Postural correction


  • Back pain
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Continuous stress
  • Kyphotic postural attitude
  • Slight vertebral deviations

Reference: ORLIMAN E250

Original price €58,00 - Original price €63,90
Original price
€58,00 - €63,90
Current price €63,90

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