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Tibiofemoral Derotating Orthosis – Bilateral - Pediatric


The tibiofemoral rotator is made up of a band and unidirectional elastic supports, these straps have silicone beads on the inside that provide anatomical grip and spiral-shaped traction from the medial area of ​​the foot to the waist, rotating the tibia, femur and hip in the direction we desire, which is corrected in order to bring more stability and greater joint proprioception to the body scheme, thus obtaining correct alignment of the lower limbs.


  • Pathologies that cause dysfunctions in the alignment of the lower limbs as a consequence of symptoms of neurological origin, achieving a more functional gait pattern and bipedal position and greater autonomy in daily activities, balance and gait posture.
  • In situations where there is a need for abduction positioning and/or external rotation of the lower limbs in patients with infantile cerebral palsy, spina bifida, disorders during embryonic development.
  • Other rare diseases.
  • Patients with hypotonic muscles.

Reference: ORLIMAN OP1173

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