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Elbow Orthosis with Flexion-Extension Control - Humertec®


  • Consisting of an armrest and a forearm supported together using a monocentric joint with the possibility of regulating flexion-extension from 0º to 90º in intervals of 30º by 30º.
  • The joint has bars embedded in microvelcro fabric that allows adaptation across the entire length of the upper limb.
  • It has a velvet outer cover and a soft hypoallergenic fabric inner cover and a thermoplastic plate that provides firm support.
  • Straps with velcro adjustment closure.

Immobilization and adjustment of the upper limb, when it is necessary to control or block the degrees of flexion and extension.


  • Distal humerus fractures, pathological fractures (ostiolytic metastases).
  • In elbow ligament surgery.
  • With palmar splint: in case of neuralgia (transient paralysis), due to the traumatic agent, it is recommended to use the orthosis with palmar support.
  • In case of radial paralysis, use with a palmar splint and thumb abduction is recommended.

Reference: ORLIMAN 94300

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