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CMC Orthosis for Rizarthrosis – Manutec Fix – Rizart Plus


  • Positions and stabilizes the thumb appropriately, allowing free mobility of the remaining fingers, ensuring the functionality of the hand and its gripping function.
  • Designed with double injection of materials with different levels of rigidity.
  • The area closest to the fingers is slightly more flexible and has rounded edges, ensuring maximum comfort of use, while the area covering the trapezoidal-metacarpal joint is more rigid and incorporates a metal core, ensuring correct stabilization.


  • Support and comfort in the 1st CMC joint area
  • Keeps the thumb in a functional position
  • Pain relief and reduces symptoms of loss of strength.


  • Osteoarthritis of the 1st CMC joint.
  • Postoperative treatment of the 1st CMC joint.
  • Arthroplasty of the 1st CMC joint.
  • Instability of the 1st CMC joint.
  • Rhizarthrosis.

Reference: ORLIMAN M780D (Right) and M780I (Left)

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