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medi Rehab® one compression sock

medi Rehab one is medi's first medical compression sock that was specially developed to provide effective treatment of edema after orthopedic procedures (post-operative edema) and injuries (post-traumatic edema) of the locomotor system of the lower limbs. External compressive pressure (compression class I) on tissues can reduce existing edema and counteract edema formation. Furthermore, medi Rehab one offers pleasant compression on the foot and leg.


  • Round mesh medical compression stocking used for lower extremity compression, mainly for prevention and treatment of general swelling.
  • Two types: thigh-high socks (AG) and calf socks (AD)
  • Tried and tested medical compression, compression class I
  • Thin, very breathable active material on the thigh and in the sensitive flexion area in the knee cavity for greater comfort
  • Innovative knit technology with micro-fleece
    - Allows the medical compression stocking (MCS) to slide easily over the skin and makes the product easy to handle/use
    - Provides a secure fit on the leg
  • Merino wool in the midfoot and forefoot area to provide comfort and additional thermoregulation
  • Positioning aid knitted under the knee (measurement point height AD) for easy and safe handling in everyday life
  • 3D longitudinal ribs facilitate correct placement and provide secure handling
  • Pre-shaped heel for easy positioning and better fit


  • Compressive care of the lower limbs
  • Prevention and treatment of postoperative edema
  • Prevention and treatment of post-traumatic edema

Composition : 64% Polyamide, 27% Elastane, 5% Polyester, 4% Merino Wool


cB (cm)


cD (cm)

Below Knee

cG (cm)


II 20-22 29-36 45-52
II Largo 20-22 29-36 53-62
III 22-24 32-39 49-56
III Largo 22-24 32-39 57-67
IV 24-26 34-42 53-60
IV Largo 24-26 34-42 61-72
V 26-28 36-45 56-64
V Wide 26-28 36-45 65-77
SAW 28-30 38-48 60-68
VI Largo 28-30 38-48 69-81

Tag: rehabilitation
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