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Class II Sigvaris Essentiel Semi-transparent Compression Sock - knee-high

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Original price €44,00
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Class II compression stockings (22 – 32 mmHg), indicated in case of venous insufficiency, edema, varicose veins, thrombosis or any other venous circulation problem.

The stockings exert significant pressure, from the ankle to the calf, thigh root or tights, to stimulate venous return from the lower extremities to the heart, in order to prevent blood stagnation in the legs. These socks can also be used as a preventive measure during air travel, pregnancy, sitting or standing.

The fine mesh socks combine semi-transparency and elegance and the thigh high socks have a new high tolerance anti-slip band. They are designed to fit the body, perfectly shaping the leg and enhancing the silhouette.

Gentle to use, these compression socks are also more stretchable to make it easier to put on without losing compression.

Composition: 71% Polyamide, 29% Elastane

Available in two different colors: Dune and Black.


  • Varicose veins
  • Heavy legs
  • Venous edema
  • Post phlebological surgery and sclerotherapy
  • Venous disorders of pregnancy
  • Prevention of venous thrombosis during long-distance travel.


  • Closed toe cap.
  • Made with synthetic fibers, elastane and polyamide.
  • Semi-transparent, with toe cap.
  • Comfortable and soft to the touch.

See instructions for taking measurements, washing instructions and other information here .

Note: MORPHO sizes have a delivery time of between 7 and 10 days.

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