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Bath Stretcher - Pediatric - ANCHOR

Original price €270,00 - Original price €290,00
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€270,00 - €290,00
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Anchor bath stretcher offers a safe and comfortable position for children while bathing.

The full aluminum frame is upholstered in comfortable, quick-drying mesh fabric.

The backrest has 4 tilt positions (0° / 30° / 60° and 90°), and the leg support has 4 tilt positions.

Equipped with 2 seat belts on the hips and chest, side head supports and leg straps.

Adjustable seat height.

The seat can be tilted.

The stretcher is equipped with wide, rounded, non-slip feet for safe bathing in the bathtub.

Practical and can be stored horizontally.

X-Small Small Large
Length 99cm 122cm 150cm
Backrest length 46cm 68cm 80cm
Seat length 27cm 27cm 35cm
Leg support length 25.5cm 27cm 35cm
Overall width 36.2cm 43cm 48.5cm
Seat width 30.5cm 36cm 40cm
Base width (bathtub) 42cm 42cm 46cm
Seat depth 26-32.5cm 26-32.5cm 32.5-40cm
Weight 5.2kg 6.5kg 8.1kg
Maximum user weight 70kg 70kg 70kg

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