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Cohesive elastic bandage

Cohesive elastic bandage recommended for treatments on joints, fingers or extremities and minor trauma caused by shock or impact or due to sports.


  • Latex Free : The fabric is constructed from high-strength synthetic fibers, elastic polyurethane thread and a cohesive natural rubber compound. This allows it to conform to the body without bunching or rolling.
  • Reusable : As the cohesive bandage is not sticky, it cannot "lose its glue". So if you make a mistake during application, you can simply reapply, if you wish, the cohesive bandage can be washed and reused twice.
  • Adaptable tension: You can use it almost without stretching to provide light support (finger injury), or stretch it with force to provide strong compression (severe bleeding wound).
  • It is a flexible and easy to apply multipurpose bandage, it only sticks to itself (not to the skin), water resistant, tearable by hand and lightweight.
  • Cohesive ligature is generally used for "quick fixations":
    • Applying a compression bandage to limit bleeding and swelling within a joint
    • Replace the need for pre-tape or adhesive sprays
    • It is becoming the favorite alternative to replacing sock tape

Dimensions : 8cm x 4.5m

Tag: sporttape, sport tape

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