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Velpeau Type Shoulder Immobilizer


  • Made from a single piece of POROMAX mesh-like fabric in the form of a harness, with an anatomically designed shoulder pad to fit the shoulder.
  • The anterior part consists of a flap that hugs the forearm.
  • The back part consists of two bands, one of which has a cavity to accommodate the elbow of the arm and an extended part at the end with a micro-hook closure.
  • At the other end there are two bands, one of which hugs the opposite side, passing under the armpit, and at its end has a micro hook for fixing.
  • The other band passes over the opposite shoulder, acting as a relief strap, with a micro hook system at its end for fixing it, these elements are joined together through an adjustment belt in the front area.
  • Due to the fact that it is ambidextrous, it can be placed in both left and right upper limb fractures.
  • Both inner sides are padded with foam and lined with velvet. Each element of the orthosis is differentiated by colors and stars to make it easier to place.

Effects: Immobilization of the shoulder and elbow joints.


  • Immobilization of dislocations in the acromio-articular joint
  • Treatment of humeral neck fractures
  • Non-displaced fractures of the scapula and joints
  • Dislocations in the anterior shoulder area
  • Treatment of the head of the humerus and acute periarthritis of the humeral scapular tuberosity
  • Shoulder immobilization after inflammation.
  • Rheumatism, rheumatoid polyarthritis.

Reference: ORLIMAN C44

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