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Limb immobilizer with washer

Immobilization of limbs for immobilization in bed.


  • Enables the control of disoriented or altered patients who require light restraint.
  • Ideal for preventing patients from removing probes, catheters, diapers, dressings, etc., and protects patients' skin, as it prevents them from scratching themselves, preventing injuries from maceration and abrasion.
  • Composed of lightweight, hypoallergenic materials, breathable and pleasant to the touch. The outer layer is made of soft velor that allows for easy and quick Velcro adjustment.

It can be easily removed by the caregiver and has little visual impact.
Unique size. 

Sold individually.

Original price €5,00 - Original price €7,00
Original price
€5,00 - €7,00
Current price €7,00

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