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ORLIMAN® Clavicle Immobilizer

ORLIMAN® Clavicle Immobilizer.


  • The IC-30 clavicle immobilizer features an acromio-clavicular cushion specifically designed to exert broad and comfortable pressure on the acromion and head of the humerus over the delto-pectoral area, distributing pressure over the joint with greater comfort and obtaining tolerable retropulsion of the shoulders.
  • The underarm area is made with microfiber inside, producing comfortable padding and allowing correct perspiration.
  • The system of adjustment straps, being independent, allows you to position the interscapular cushion at the desired height.
  • The microvelcro fasteners can be removed, allowing you to cut the strap to the desired length and replace it, avoiding the need for sewing work.

Indications: Treatment of clavicle fractures, in situations where there is a need for rest with a certain limit of mobility and preventing the force of gravity from causing any tension in the ligamentous capsule, obtaining a correct posture.

Effect: Retropulsion of the shoulders.

Reference: ORLIMAN IC30

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