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Universal Bed Safety Guards - Telescopic


  • Unique safety solution adaptable to any bed.
  • These are a pair of metal guards, adjustable in width and length, suitable for any type of bed, thanks to the telescopic painted steel tubes.
  • Fits a single or double bed (adjustable width between 109.50 and 184cm).
  • Adjustable length, being able to protect the total length of the bed or just a part of it (adjustable length between 96 and 165cm).
  • Adjustable height (maximum height 40cm), allowing the height of the railings to be completely lowered on just one side or on both sides simultaneously.
  • Especially recommended in situations where the user sleeps in a conventional bed, where the metal rails are not adaptable, or for couples who sleep together, and protection is only necessary on one side.
  • The telescopic bars that connect both vertical rails must be placed under the mattress, with its weight providing stability and safety.

Technical specifications:

Length: adjustable between 109.5 and 184cm
Width: adjustable between 96 and 165cm
Height: 40cm
Weight: 12.5kg
Silver color
Original price €215,00 - Original price €215,00
Original price
€215,00 - €215,00
Current price €215,00

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