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Dorsololumbar Abdomen Pendulum Band


  • Breathable semi-elastic trilayer fabric (cotton-polyester-foam), specially designed to allow perspiration to dissipate.
  • Velcro adjustment systems, which allows adaptation to each patient.
  • The elastic bands allow you to regulate the tension applied to each area. System of on-off velcro adhesive side flaps to facilitate the placement of the band.
  • Four flexible fins on the back, the two central ones being removable, which allows you to vary their rigidity and shape.
  • Bars in the front area for greater abdominal consistency.
  • Adjustment bands made of anatomically shaped, breathable tri-layer material joined at the end by an elastic band with a velcro closure system that allows you to obtain the desired traction.

Effects: Strong back support, perfect anatomical adaptation that allows a feeling of well-being and comfort at the same time, soft and smooth when in contact with the skin thanks to the breathable semi-elastic fabric.


  • Back pain.
  • Degenerative processes.
  • Muscle weakness and atony.
  • Disc herniations.
  • Postoperative.

Reference: ORLIMAN 6215

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