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Dyna-Ort – Fixed Dynamic Support for Pendent Ankle-Foot - ORLIMAN


Dynamic thermoplastic orthosis available in 2 heights consisting of:

  • An inner part made of low-density thermoplastic (PE-BD) that covers the leg at the back and is in contact with the entire plantar surface. It involves the entire perimeter of the midfoot for correct adaptation of the orthosis to the foot, optimization and tissue containment;
  • An external part with a skeletal shape made of higher rigidity thermoplastic (PP) providing rigid support to control the positioning and biomechanical alignment of the limb. It extends to the proximal limit of the metatarsal head;

The velcro closure system between the two parts completes a comfortable and firm adaptation, ensuring an adequate fit, avoiding displacements between the foot and the orthosis.
It is light and its contours are cuttable, on the other hand the low profile shape makes it easy to place in shoes.
It has protective pads on the toes and dorsal area of ​​the midfoot, ensuring greater comfort during use.


  • Prevents plantar flexion, preventing foot dragging during the swing phase;
  • Realigns the entire foot and provides support for the internal longitudinal arch;
  • Stabilizes the complex area of ​​the foot+ankle providing an improvement in all phases of the gait cycle, facilitating the development of fundamental movement patterns for a more natural gait;
  • Optimizes the ability to exercise voluntary postural balance and gait movements.


  • Knee hyperextension.
  • Inability or weakness in plantar flexion and/or dorsal flexion.
  • Excessive plantar flexion (walking on toes).
  • Instability resulting from low or high muscle tone.
  • Lack of coordination and balance.

Blue color

OP1195D (Right)
OP1195I (Left)
OP1198D (Right) - HIGH
OP1198I (Left) - HIGH

Original price €106,90 - Original price €168,90
Original price
€106,90 - €168,90
Current price €106,90

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