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Wedge Positioning

A23 foam positioning wedge

The positioning wedge is a multifunctional medical device that allows the patient to be placed in different positions simply and quickly, in order to minimize the pressure exerted on the skin and tissues in anatomical areas at high risk of injury.

This wedge shape allows the user to lateralize, placing the user on their side and the pillow on their back, in order to support the entire torso on the pillow and not excessively on the shoulder that is supported on the mattress. In this way, avoiding pain in the supporting shoulder, allowing the other shoulder to relax because it is supported but without pressure, relieving tension in the muscles of the neck, trapezius and clavicles.

    Available sizes:

  • L 66 x D 70 x H 20
  • L 66 x P 70 x H 30
  • L 60 x D 60 x H 20
  • L 60 x P 60 x H 30
  • L 60 x D 50 x H 20
  • L 60 x D 50 x H 30
  • Available with 2 removable cover options:

  • 100% BioPruf® waterproof polyester (blue color)
  • 100% polyester Aloe Vera (white color)
  • External Composition: Bio-Pruf® - It is a technology that controls the growth of microorganisms in products, protecting their surfaces against bacteria, mold and algae, which can cause illnesses, strong odors and premature aesthetic deterioration.
    Internal Composition: A23 Foam

    Reference: GT140022

    Original price €53,50 - Original price €66,50
    Original price
    €53,50 - €66,50
    Current price €58,50

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