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Wedge for Walker Boot (Achilles Tendon) - Universal


  • During treatment with a Walker boot, and if the patient has problems with the Achilles tendon, it is necessary to adjust the brace so that the foot has a plantar flexion of approximately 20°.
  • As plantar reduction is progressive, there is a set of anatomical wedges for this purpose to reduce plantar flexion from 22° to 0°, with intervals of 22°, 16°, 10° and 0°.
  • To make things easier, the wedge features a set of three 2 cm wedge-shaped blocks and a heel, which in turn can be joined by a removable adhesive, thus allowing easy assembly of the two pieces.


  • When necessary, plantar flexion of approximately 20°.
  • Conservative treatment of Achilles tendon rupture.

Size: Universal

Reference: DJO 79-95130

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