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  • Composed of 3 support points – suprapubic, dorsolumbar and sternal.
  • With articulation system and height and width adjustment.
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy structure with a very aesthetic and current shape, with an innovative three-dimensional chest support system that consists of the movement of 3 tilting axes, allowing perfect adaptation in the chest area, achieving a full elastic range, making it much more comfortable its adaptation to the patient's body, minimizing painful impacts that can influence the use of the orthosis in the prescribed treatment.
  • The tilting pelvic support allows for a more comfortable position and can be fixed at a specific angle.
  • The safe and quick closing system, made up of a spring that prevents it from opening unintentionally.
  • All upper areas are lined with padded protection, allowing very high comfort for the patient.


  • Lateral, sternal, suprapubic and posterior dorsolumbar support.
  • Hyperextension of the spine through the 3 support point system.
  • Mechanical discharge in the lower thoracic and upper lumbar areas.
  • Stabilization and limitation of movements in the spinal area
  • Allows pain relief.


  • Stable fractures in the vertebral area of ​​the dorsal and lumbar spine.
  • Vertebral pain caused by secondary metastases.
  • Spondyloarthroses associated with arthritic sclerosis.
  • Chronic low back pain and back pain.
  • Immobilization of intervertebral discs after surgery.
  • Orthotic treatment after spinal fracture surgery.
Size Pelvic circumference (cm) Height (cm)*
1 60-75 39-46
two 75-90 42-49
2 Short 75-90 39.5-42.5
3 90-105 45-52
3 Short 90-105 42-49
4 105-115 49-56
4 Short 105-115 45.5-52.5

*Distance between the sternal support and the lower edge of the pelvic band.

Reference: ORLIMAN J001G and J002G

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