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Systam® POLYMULTI Anti-bedsore Mattress

Molded mattress composed of high resilience and density foam.


  • Patients with pressure ulcers - EPUAP GRADING SCALE between 1 and 2.
  • In situations where there is a risk of pressure ulcers according to the BRADEN, NORTON, WATERLOW tables.
  • It is advisable in patients who have a history of having a high probability of contracting pressure ulcers when lying down.
  • Patients who are in situations of paralysis of the lower limbs or spine.
  • Made from a single block of 40kg/m3 high-density HR foam
  • Anatomical shape combined with its properties and an integral waterproof protection, guarantee perfect behavior fully adapted to the kinetics of medical beds with single or double elevation.
  • Provides good reparation of skin pressures in risk areas, facilitating blood circulation, greater comfort and greater effectiveness in the patient's position.
  • The top layer is made up of high-density visco-elastic foam with a memory effect of 80 kg/m3 that works as a spring effect, allowing greater prevention of the tracking phenomenon.
  • The method of inserting the foam into the mattress structure is known as CONCEPT INSERT HR, allowing the pressure to be increased or decreased in certain areas with the aim of obtaining the correct sinking of the foam, in other words, preventing the risk of tracking.
  • The molding of the 2 sectors is done to increase the contact surface, spreading the pressures and providing greater comfort and stability to the patient, avoiding the phenomenon of tracking. The upper area is MULTIBEARING, which means they are made with two types of materials with different textures, one firmer and the other softer. In the risk areas of the sacrum and heel, the cushions are 4cm high made of visco-elastic foam.
  • Resistant to deformation and sagging.
  • Does not disintegrate or tear.
  • The round corners allow the installation of the hanger and the IV pole.
  • Includes waterproof protective cover in POLYMAILLE®: polyester fabric coated in polyurethane. Suitable for private homes and hospitals. Waterproof, hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial action. Barrier against bacteria and liquids.

Minimum user weight: 35kg
Maximum user weight: 130kg

Dimension :
200 x 90 x 14cm
Original price €265,00 - Original price €265,00
Original price
€265,00 - €265,00
Current price €265,00

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