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ALOVA Anti-bedsore Mattress - Multi-zone Monoblock

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€235,00 - €260,00
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Viscoelastic anti-bedsore mattress, multi-zone monoblock with support area for the heels.

  • For patients with medium to high risk of PU (Pressure Ulcer).
  • Optimal reduction of pressure in risk areas, thanks to the support area for the heels and areas with different firmness.
  • Functionality: reduction of pressure values ​​by different degrees of hardness adapted to each area of ​​the body.
  • Efficacy: helps in the treatment of bedsores at levels 1 and 2. Improves vascular flow at the heel level by integrated inclination in the foot area.
  • Security: Reduction of risk to a minimum thanks to technically proven comprehensive protection.
  • Comfort: monitoring of body movements.
  • Dimensions: 195x88x14cm
HR foam base density Viscoelastic density User weight
VMA62 8cm HR foam 18kg/m3 6cm foam 80kg/m³ 20-120kg
VMA63 8cm foam HR 2 8kg/m3 6cm foam 80kg/m³ 20-150kg
VMA64 8cm HR foam 34 kg/m3 6cm foam 80kg/m³ 20-180kg


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