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Abdominal belt with straps - Wheelchair or Armchair

Abdominal belt for wheelchair or armchair, with straps (chest support), helps maintain posture while sitting.

Prevents falls due to lack of muscular strength and leaks due to reduced mental acuity.

Produced with very comfortable, resistant and durable materials.

Includes robust plastic echo for simple restraint, on the back of the chair or armchair.

Constitution : 20% imitation suede (100% polyester), 20% velvet (100% polyamide), 60% foam. Buckle closure.

Unique size

Care: Wash periodically by hand or machine, at a maximum temperature of 40ºC. Dry in a horizontal position without exposing it to direct heat sources (stoves, heaters, etc.).

Reference: UBIO 305020 (chair)/305602 (armchair)

Original price €38,00 - Original price €42,50
Original price
€38,00 - €42,50
Current price €38,00

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