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Abdominal Belt - Large Sizes

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  • Made from breathable elastic fabric.
  • The fabric in the inner area is padded with lateral reinforcement, providing a perfect adaptation to the patient's morphology.
  • The adjustment is made using an anterolateral velcro system.
  • The back and side area has bars and the fabric is reinforced with a less elastic and firmer layer, which helps to stabilize and support the weight that is transmitted to the front area, which in turn also has reinforcement. Fabric with unidirectional stretch that protects the soft area of ​​the body in an anteroposterior oblique direction, facilitating the elevation of the abdominal area.


  • Containment, support and lumbar support.
  • Improvement of proprioceptive postural sensitivity.


  • Low back pain.
  • Containment in small and medium events.
  • Abdominal hypotonia.
  • Prophylaxis during sports or work that may overload the spine.

Color: Beige

Reference: ORLIMAN OPL160

Tag: lombastat, lombastat

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