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Canadians in Carbon Fiber - INDESmed

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The lightest orthopedic crutches in the world, made of carbon fiber. Prevent tendonitis - guaranteed, due to INDESmed's innovative design.


Canadians weigh just 220 grams each; structure made of 100% carbon fiber, which considerably increases the specific resistance, compared to standard types of crutches reinforced with aluminum or steel.

The exclusive ergonomic design of the crutches gives it a curved and oval shape, allowing perfect anatomical adjustment and adaptation, as well as constant regulation of the force applied to the handle.

The ergonomic handle improves user comfort and avoids the normal contraindications to continued use of crutches:

  • Maintains the natural position of the wrist, eliminating pain caused by the median and radial nerves.
  • Better distribution of body pressure in the palm of the hand, eliminating pain in the palm.
  • Improves the position of the thumb, reducing or eliminating the appearance of calluses with prolonged use of crutches.
  • The nylon-66 and TPU tip (a new material that we formulated under the name GUMmed) with a high coefficient of friction increases user safety.

Crutches without tendonitis: guaranteed! And they allow for millimeter precision adjustment.

INDESmed designed and patented a curved crutch, with an oval section, which, depending on the user's height, keeps the wrist in a neutral position, with an innovative hypoallergenic silicone coating on the wrist.

Furthermore, carbon fiber crutches have an advantage resulting from an intrinsic property of carbon fiber. Unlike aluminum crutches, whenever the tip hits the ground, instead of the energy being dissipated, in the form of a wave, from the wrist to the shoulder and ultimately the back, in carbon fiber crutches, the energy is absorbed by the material, avoiding pain associated with continued use of crutches.

Millimeter precision adjustment for each size

Each size can also be adjusted down to the millimeter, simply by moving the bezel and handle along the curved shaft. Unlike typical crutches, these allow you to adapt the crut exactly to the user, being able to adjust the length between the rim and handle and the height from the ground.

Canadian size User height (cm) Canadian height (cm)
XS 145-155 100
s 155-165 103
M 166-175 106
L 176-185 108.5
XL 186-195 118.5

Canadian weight: 240g approx
Maximum load: 200kg
Certification: CE 11344-1/FDA listed

Price per unit.

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