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PAVIS Hernia Containment Boxer – ERNIABOXER

by Orthia
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PAVIS Hernia Containment Boxer – ERNIABOXER


  • Abdominal wall containment and support device to prevent tissue sagging and/or relaxation and to contain reducible inguinal hernias
  • For the best results in dynamic functionality, a compression action is not exerted, but a support one: the structures are molded in an oblique line in relation to the waist, which results in being low at the front and high at the back.
  • The fabrics used are characterized by an elastic force of controlled and self-stabilizing contraction, thanks to an exclusive fabric processing system.
  • Prepared for the use of optional, shaped and anatomical pellets that exert a more decisive force of containment in the presence of reducible inguinal hernias.
  • In Nanofeel fabric, characterized by maintaining great hygiene and high tolerance, even in the case of prolonged use, with strong antibacterial activity and odor prevention.


  • Containment of inguinal and postoperative hernias
  • Prevents relaxation of abdominal tissues
  • Provides support during sporting activities and tiring work activities.

Black color

Reference: 655 Boxer Restraint

Tag: hernia braces

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