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Orthosis for hanging/anti-equinus foot - Boxia®


  • Composed of 2 components, a strap that is placed just above the malleoli and a support with a non-slip connection, which in turn connects the malleoli strap and an anchor-type hook that is attached to the shoe laces.
  • Both sides are joined by a traction elastic, giving the possibility of adjusting to greater or lesser flexion.
  • The back and front area of ​​the strap is padded with gel inside for greater comfort in the Achilles tendon area, the instep area is lined to prevent friction or any type of unwanted compression.

Effects: Support, stability and compression.


  • Raises the front part of the forefoot, allowing plantar flexion on the heel support when in a walking position.
  • Prevents the risk of tripping, especially in areas where there are carpets or uneven surfaces. This product is very discreet for those who have to use it, at the same time as it does not take up any type of space in the shoe, making it easy to put on.

1 Ankle Support Strap, 2 Hooks (AB11)
1 elastic with traction (AB10), 2 S-shaped hooks (AB13).

Option: Foot Cushion Clamp (AB12)

Reference: ORLIMAN AB01

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      Original price €89,00
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