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Foldable walker - arm support

Lightweight, made of aluminum.

Includes 2 wheels with a diameter of 12.5cm at the front and sliding tips at the back for a linear but slow walk.

Padded arm supports.

Flexible armrests that allow the user to lean comfortably and easily.

Axillary support adjustable in height between 6 and 12cm.

Can be folded away with a button, allowing you to store or transport it easily.


  • Users who benefit from distributing their body weight across their arms and hands, making walking easier.
  • Users with difficulty maintaining balance while walking.
  • Users who need to relieve exercise pressure on their knees.
  • Users with difficulty controlling their hands.
Technical characteristics:
Width: 66cm
Depth: 53cm
Height: adjustable between 96 to 112cm
Weight: 4.2kg
Maximum user weight: 125kg

Reference: Identités 826009
Original price €98,00 - Original price €98,00
Original price
€98,00 - €98,00
Current price €98,00

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