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Duo Memory Foam Cushion for wheelchair

Memory foam cushion for wheelchairs.


  • Manufactured by the national brand Geritex, this pillow helps to improve the user's posture in a sitting position, as it promotes postural stability.
  • Adapts to the user, maximizing the support surface and distributing pressure evenly.
  • It has four fixing points, which help prevent the cushion from moving on the chair during use.
  • The pillow's side flaps provide additional protection to the user, preventing injuries caused by contact or friction on the arm
  • Prevention of bedsores in the sacral area in people who remain sitting for a long time or are incapacitated;
  • Adjuvant element in the treatment of some types of pressure ulcers;
  • With four fixing points, to prevent the cushion from moving on the chair.


Interior: 30SD viscoelastic foam - Density 45kg/m
Cover: 100% waterproof polyester
Fastening tabs: 2cm of viscoelastic and 100% waterproof polyester

Dimension : 42 x 42 x 8 cm (flaps 30 cm)

    Reference: GT110033

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