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Comparticipação dos produtos de incontinência

Contribution of incontinence products

Since April 2017, it has been possible to request reimbursement for amounts spent on diapers and other technical aid. We describe below how you should request this support.

Order No. 7197/2016 establishes the Support Products Allocation System (SAPA), measures that aim to facilitate access for people with disabilities and/or disabilities to support products and equipment, known as technical aids.

This Support System aims to promote autonomy, promote social participation and improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and/or disabilities - Multipurpose Certificate with Disability +60%.

How to request support for technical assistance:

This type of support is requested at your Health Center, simply submitting the following documentation:

  • Valid civil identification document of the beneficiary and their legal representative;
  • Medical Certificate of Multipurpose Disability;
  • Proof of IBAN (for transfer payments);
  • Health Subsystem participation document, when applicable;
  • Document from the insurance company, which covered the incident, when applicable;
  • Copy of the property registration (cars and mopeds) when the request is related to their adaptation;
  • Other relevant documents proving the need for the Support Product (AP), namely medical reports - medical declaration;
  • Three quotes, at least, from different suppliers exclusively for the ISO code/s of the prescribed product/s broken down by codes, with a date subsequent to that of the Prescription Sheet, mentioning the brand, model and size , within the validity period (6 months).

In the case of "Support products used on the body to absorb urine and feces" - ISO code 09 30 04 (common diapers), it is not necessary to present any budget;

Reimbursement for diapers and other aid

And regarding diapers and other incontinence products, simply submit the invoice to your Health Center once this support has been approved. It is important to specify the number of diapers on the invoice.

What products can be subsidized?

In the area of ​​incontinence, support is provided for different types of products, such as:

  • diapers;
  • urinary condoms;
  • urine collection bags;
  • civets;
  • urinals.

Some legislation related to support

Order No. 7197/2016

Approves the list of support products (Annex I) prepared in accordance with the ISO 9999:2007 standard.

Order No. 7225/2015, of July 1st

Defines general procedures within the scope of SAPA, financing and prescribing entities.

Ordinance No. 78/2015, of March 17

Approves the model of the prescription form for support products, within the scope of the Support Products Allocation System (SAPA), included in the annex to the aforementioned Ordinance, and of which it forms an integral part.

Ordinance No. 192/2014, of November 26th

Regulates the creation and maintenance of the SAPA Registration Database (BDR-SAPA), as well as the prescription of support products, with the aim of guaranteeing the effectiveness of the system, the operability and efficiency of SAPA mechanisms, promoting a careful application of the same.

Decree-Law No. 42/2011, of March 23

Amendment of Decree-Law no. 93/2009, of April 16th.

Decree-Law No. 93/2009, of April 16

Creates the Support Product Allocation System (SAPA).

Reimbursement of diapers and other products by ADSE

To obtain this support in the ADSE Sub-System, it is sufficient annually, at the beginning of each calendar year, to send a medical statement attesting to the need to use this type of product and the person's condition and subsequently the invoices, which must have a breakdown of the quantity of diapers purchased. The refund occurs in a similar way to other refunds.

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