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Bivalve Cervical Collar with Thoracic Support – Minerva Type - ORLIMAN


  • Daily activities force the cervical spine to perform complex efforts, subjecting it to compression, flexion and torsion forces. Therefore, to achieve correct immobilization, it is essential to avoid both flexion-extension movements and rotation and lateral flexion, achieving an effective unloading of the intervertebral discs. In order to be able to treat injuries that require immobilization and unloading of the cervical spine, a cervical orthosis with thoracic support was designed, consisting of two modules: Upper - bivalve cervical collar with occipitomental support and Lower - Thoracic extension - consisting of two plates : one anterior with support on the sternal manubrium and the other posterior with support on the dorsal column.

    • The upper and lower modules are joined together by aluminum bars, which allow the orthosis to be adjusted longitudinally, adapting it to the patient's morphology.

    • The orthosis is made from low-density polyethylene, with a padded foam interior lining and a velvet exterior, increasing comfort and preventing friction burns.

    • Allows you to take x-rays without removing the device.


    • Injuries and trauma to the cervical spine that require immobilization of segments C1 to D1.
    • Post-operative protection.
    • Bone metastases.

    Gray color

    Reference: ORLIMAN CC2800
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